For all our customers that who have bought our equipment, our company provides comprehensive training on equipment structure principle and maintenance knowledge, operation and simple maintenance according to their demands. Therefore, the Training Center of HR Headquarters has prepared sufficient theoretical training knowledge and complete tutorial support for our customers, and improves the theoretical training knowledge and tutorial support annually in accordance with the implementation effects and customer suggestions.

In 2017, the Training Center improved the whole international customer training curriculum system in partnership with the lecturers at the departments, replenishing, modifying and translating the lecturers’ training courseware; in 2018, considering that the training tutors had different abilities, we perfected the entire training guidance content and singled out excellent tutors based on the rule of survival of the fittest. All the course content has been improved. Moreover, after the tutors make an explanation, customers practice on machines at relevant learning sites. For instance, when die contour is adjusted on the bottle blowing machine, customers can practice on the machine. Different from the past, they needn’t just practice their own machine. In this way, customers can efficiently learn as much knowledge as they can efficiently during short-term training.

With constant improvement, in the spirit of “rotating for you”, we insist on giving customers a better service experience, and win praise from customers in return.