Clear Water is a well-known mineral water brand based in North India, and a bottled water vendor for most flights of Jet Airway, the largest airline in India. Clear Water’s products are widely recognized in India.

Mr. Nayan, owner of Clear Water, paid a visit to the headquarters of Tech-long(Guangzhou) early in 2013. We have kept in close touch with him in recent years. Due to lack of confidence in China-made equipment, Mr. Nayan was unable to find an ideal partner until last June when he was told that Tech-long was planning to set up a subsidiary in AMD, India. As Mr. Nayan desired to invest in a new project at that time, he soon contacted us and expressed his expectation for Tech-long to help him complete an extremely challenging project– the ultra-light bottled water production line which was designed to produce 200ml bottle with 6g of preform and 500ml bottled with 9.5g of preform. This is an extremely challenging project in India, and even the world.

At the beginning of 2018, after rounds of discussion and negotiation, we signed an agreement with Mr. Nayan for manufacture of an ultra-light bottled water production line with a capacity of 3,2000BPH. As the project is a big challenge to both of us, training for Clear Water is of extreme importance.

We offered Clear Water three-day equipment training from Aug. 21 to 23. The training included introduction by our professional lecturers in the training room and hands-on practice under the guidance of our skilled assembly engineers in the workshop.

As the Clear Water Project involves equipment for processes ranging from blowing, filling, capping to packaging, we offered specific training on equipment used by the customer in each process. The training included five courses: the bottle blower, filler, conveyor, labeller and film packager.