In 2004, the foreign journal of Tech-Long Focus Tech Long was inaugurated.

In 2004, the groundbreaking ceremony of the fourth-phase plant of Tech-Long was held, and the relevant construction was launched.

In 2004, Tech Long’s internal journal Tech-Long People was inaugurated.

In 2004, Comrade Wang Jingchuan, former Commissioner of the State Bureau of Intellectual Property and leaders of the Guangdong Provincial Intellectual Property Bureau and Guangzhou Intellectual Property Office visited and inspected Tech-Long.

In 2004, Comrade Lin Shusen, the former member of Guangdong Provincial Committee,Guangzhou Municipal Party Secretary and the chairman of the Standing Committee of Guangzhou City visited Tech-Long for inspections.

In 2004, Tech-Long established the blowing and filling department and went all out to build our two core and knockout products and expanded the market share.

In 2004, the carbonated filling technology of Tech-Long was further enhanced, the high-speed blow molding machine was developed and upgraded from the original 10 cavities to 12 cavities, 14 cavities and 16 cavities, and impressive progress was made in the blowing speed, mechanical stability and serialization.

In 2004, one kind of washing device of Tech-Long won utility model patents.

In 2004, Tech-Long was identified as Hundred Private Enterprises in Guangzhou City.

In 2004, the R & D center of Tech-Long passed the live inspection and review of expert panel from Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee,Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and Dazhan Planning Commission of Guangzhou City, and was listed to set up “R & D Center of Engineering and Technology in Guangzhou City”.equipment engineering technology research center”.

In 2004, Tech-Long was listed as the 20 Key Enterprises in the Manufacturing Sector of Guangdong Province by Guangdong Provincial Economic and Trade Commission.

In 2004, the whole-set automatic high-speed hot filling machine of “tea, fruit and vegetable beverage” got the certificate of National Torch Program Project.

In 2004, Tech-Long won the title of Outstanding Enterprise in Guangdong Province.