In 2007, Mr. Shi Wanpeng, the former president of the China Packaging Federation, visited Tech-Long.

In 2007, Comrade Zhu Xiaodan, the former Guangzhou Municipal Party Secretary, visited Tech-Long for inspections.

In 2007, Tech-Long was identified as one of China’s top ten units with the best after-sale service.

In 2007, Tech-Long participated in the Third Shanghai China International Beverage Industry Technology Exhibition and attracted much attention.

In 2007, Tech-Long passed the evaluation of China Check and Affirmation Commission and successfully landed in China A-share market.

In 2007, Tech-Long successfully developed its high viscosity filling machine.

2007, Tech-Long’s clamping mechanism of the blowing machine won the utility model patent.

In 2007, blower-filler-capper monobloc of Tech-Long successfully debuted Chinese BeverageEquipment and Technology Exhibition, and several important customer had their orders of it.

In 2007, the hot filling blowing technology of Tech-Long achieved breakthrough and its market effect was obvious.

In 2007, the productivity of the single-cavity blow molding machine exceeded more than 1600 BPH,reaching the highest level in the world.

In 2007, Tech-Long was identified as “Outstanding Enterprises for Independent Innovation in Guangzhou City”.

In 2007, the trademark of Tech-Long was identified as “The Famous Brand in Guangdong”.

In 2007, R & D of automatic high-speed PET bottle won the first prize of Science and Technology from China Food Machinery Association.

In 2007, Tech-Long was identified as “The First Batch of Pilot Enterprises for Innovation in Guangdong Province”.

In 2007, Tech-Long took the lead to formulate QB/T2868-2007 industry standards for “Automatic Blow Molding Machine of the Beverage Machinery”.