In 2014, the wholly owned subsidiary of Tech-Long—Tianjin Baolong Packaging TechnologyDevelopment Co., Ltd. was established.

In 2014, Tech-Long’s sixth-phase plant was put into use.

In 2014, Tech-Long held its charity tour of “Love Shaoguan and Help its Needy Students and Love Waters the Flowers and Makes Them Blossom” in 2014.

In 2014, the Industrial Automation Division of Tech-Long was established.

In 2014, MRP system of Tech-Long was formally launched.

In 2014, Mr. Ma Zhengyong, Commissioner of Guangzhou Municipal Information andTechnology Bureau and his followers visited Tech-Long.

In 2014, Mr. Wang Yiming, the deputy secretary- general of National Development and ReformCommission led a research delegation to visit Tech-Long.

In 2014, Mr. Wu Yawei, the Vice Mayor of Guangzhou led his followers visited Tech-Long.

In 2014, Tech-Long launched the ZNZ smart packing machine.

In 2014, the automatic high-speed filling machine of soy sauce was identified as the “High-tech Products in Guangdong Province”.

In 2014, the trademark of Tech-Long got registered in Mongolia, and it totally got the authorization of 10 Madrid Member States.

In 2014, the “whole-set high-viscosity liquid filling equipment” of Tech-Long won the third prize for Science and Technology Progress from China Light Industry Federation.

In 2014, the electron-probe inductive hot filling machine of Tech-Long won the second prize of Science and Technology from Guangdong Provincial Institute of Mechanical Engineering.