In the new year, it is most worried for principal Nie of Hubei Macheng Shengmagang Town Deshengzhai Central Primary School how the children keep studying in the dangerous building in the new term. However, at the start of 2008, the RMB250,000 donation make the teachers and students of Deshengzhai Central Primary School experience the warm of timely help. When knew that the donation is from Guangzhou Tech-Long and P&G, principal Nie said with warm tears: “The classroom which was dangerous met the snow disaster, the learning environment of the children is too hard, the donation is the same as timely help!” And from then on, the school which was named as “Tech-Long and P&G Hope Primary School” will receive constant care from above two enterprises.

On February 19th, the simple donation ceremony was held in Tech-Long workshop in Luogang District of Guangzhou, Guangdong Province Youth Development Fund Secretary- General Mr. Lin Qiaolin, Development Zone Education Bureau Secretary Sun Liping, officers of Tech-Long and P&G, the teachers and students representatives from Hubei Macheng attended the ceremony, and wit the important moment together with nearly 100 employees of Tech-Long. The snow disaster affected millions of people, when above two enterprises have known the stricken information of Deshengzhai Central Primary School from China Youth Development Fund, the senior officers of above two enterprises reached the common sense to donate to the school, which is the 131st Hope Primary School donated by P&G, and is also the first time for P&G to jointly support public welfare establishment and fulfill the social responsibilities with the domestic upper stream suppliers.

Development Zone Education Bureau Secretary Sun Liping said, “I’m very glad that our outstanding private enterprise can cooperate with multi-national enterprise in charity and actively undertake the social responsibilities, particularly when the society encounters big difficult, which is the excellent model and example, this cooperation is one of the important output for two enterprises to share development, we hope to see the naissance of more partnerships, and hope the supplying chain of multi-national enterprise can become the chain for passing social responsibilities, and promote the harmonic development of the society.”

P&G donation representative, P&G Asia Region Purchasing Department Vice Supervisor Ye Lin expressed, “2008 is the 20th ceremony for P&G in China, for 20 years, our target is to improve the life of Chinese consumers, through out efforts, many P&G brands have become the intimate partners for the daily life of Chinese consumers. In order to achieve this target, P&G is also actively undertake the responsibility of promoting the development of society, and return the society through support education, public heath and rescuing disaster. Facing the snow disaster in South China, P&G, as the multi-national enterprise locating in South China, is obligated to undertake the social responsibility, assist the government and stricken people to out of the trouble, after realizing the disaster, P&G donated RMB1.02 million and relative articles for the passengers in Guangzhou in short period, today, the successful cooperation in public welfare establishments with Tech-Long benefits from the successful business cooperation of both enterprises but also benefit from P&G who has been dedicated to public welfare establishments, we are very glad to see that the integration strength for us to local society is also strengthening when we are developing with the upper stream partners!”

As the important initiator of this cooperation, P&G has linked tightly to Hope Project and started to support the Hope Project since 1996, and is the multinational enterprise in China who has donated most Hope Primary Schools, for 12 years, P&G has donated RMB32 million to the Hope Project, constructed 131 hope primary schools, and assisted more than 70,000 children to obtain a good learning environment. With rich experience and innovative thought, P&G has developed the unique P&G Public Welfare Mode — “Begins with me, affect consumers to assist the desired children in living, study and growth together with business partners”, which has developed a new road in donation of education, in recent years, P&G has jointly donated to the Hope Project together with business partners, including Tech-Long, P&G has cooperate with 16 business partners to contribute to the Hope Project, and jointly donated 31 Hope Primary Schools. As it says by the P&G Foreign Affairs Department Manager Wang Chengcang, “It is the important strategy for P&G in undertaking social responsibilities to jointly support the Hope Project with business partners, after 10 years of efforts, we have successfully implanted public welfare establishments into business chain, and formed the “green business chain”, currently, we are actively devoted to promoting the flourishing and development of this chain, promoting the development of the industry and the society in a wide range! After cooperating with 15 lower stream retail enterprise, it is the first time for P&G to cooperate with upper stream supplier in public welfare establishments, it is another breaking and extension for our green business chain. P&G is proud to have the far sighted partner as Tech-Long, and is searching for more partners, expecting to bring warmth for more children!”