Founded in 2012, Tech-Long (North America) has opened up a new chapter of Tech-Long’s penetration in the North American market. The continuously increased sales of Tech-Long in the North American market coupled with our frequent appearance at a number of domestic and international exhibitions have greatly enhanced our reputation in the international market and drawn the attention of Naya Waters, a well-known brand from Quebec, Canada. After learning about the customer’s production requirements, we promptly approached the customer and invited the customer to visit two Tech-Long high-speed production lines in the Headquarters and Middle East respectively. The high visibility, rich experience in high-speed production lines and excellent after-sales service of Tech-Long have won the favor of the customer. In August 2017, Tech-Long and the customer entered into an agreement on the manufacturing of a 60000BPH water bottle blowing, filling and capping line which has become the fastest selling line so far.
The dominant production speed in the North American market exceeds 60000BPH. This production line is proof of Tech-Long’s strengths and this order marks Tech-Long’s successful entry into the high-speed North American market. On February 1, 2018, the customer came to Tech-Long Plant for acceptance inspection. The equipment was put into continuous high-speed operation for half an hour, gaining recognition from the customer! It indicates that the 60000BPH water line of Tech-Long will be soon shipped to the customer’s plant and create value for the customer!