The festive atmosphere makes the springtime increasingly charming while joyful faces and warbling birds herald that all things are about to come to life. On this auspicious day, Tech-Long holds its annual commencement ceremony at its factory with cheerful and jubilant performances of lion and dragon dances.

May Golden Drums’ Beats Bring Fortune; May Tech-Long Get Prosperous by Reddening Golden Lions’ Pupils

Senior leaders and managerial staff at mid-levels from Tech-Long attend the grand ceremony held at the south gate of the company, during which a locally well-known lion dance team is invited to give performances. At the event, Mr. Zhang Songming and Mr. Chen Gang greet the staff respectively with their best New Year wishes. Later, they redden the golden lions’ pupils to make them lifelike, praying for auspiciousness.

Pray for Auspiciousness, Great Fortune and Higher Position

The ceremony is highlighted by the wonderful performances given by the lion dance team, especially the part in which the lions produce couplets from and take greens with their mouths. Various greetings such as “Success will come when conditions are ripe”, “Succeed in Business”, “Great Fortunes”, “Good Health” and “Spirit of Horse and Dragon”, are written down on the couplets, an auspicious omen for good luck and thriving businesses in the new year.

In the end, the lion dance team, starting from No.1 Office Building, goes to every area of the factory to give performances so that each area and each person of the company will be exposed to the good luck and auspiciousness.

The ceremony draws curtain in an exultant atmosphere. The year of 2017, which is destined to be extraordinary and full of passion will definitely witness Tech-Long people add a gorgeous touch to the cause of “Intelligent Manufacturing in China” under the guidance of their top principle of “United, Industrious and Positive.”