On December 6-8, 2017, annual meeting of Tech-Long Marketing Headquarter was held in Nankun Mountain, Huizhou City. Senior management of the company and global branches, important figures of Marketing Headquarter, dealers and suppliers attended the meeting.

It was an international gala gathering powers at home and abroad, which assisted in company’s development toward diversification, modernization and internationalization.

On the morning of December 7, conference with the theme of “Stay Gold, Keep Going”was held at the hotel. Senior management of Tech-Long, along with personnel from global branches, reviewed the past glories and discussed the future development path. It has been the largest meeting since the founding of Tech-Long Marketing Headquarter, during which leaders exchanged ideas on future growth and drew blueprints.

The meeting adopted simultaneous interpretation, which guaranteed quality and level and exhibited Tech-Long’s resolution to enter international arena.

Pool Party began at 18:30 on December 7. Everyone enjoyed their time during the gala dinner with great atmosphere, sound music, tasty wine and friends.

Performance integrating eastern and western culture left great impression.

Luck draw, another essential part, drove the gala dinner to climax. Prizes awarded signed furtherdevelopment of Tech-Long.

Happy time ended, while future is waiting for us. Today, we gather to review glories in 2017; tomorrow, we set sail with joy and hope.

Let’s wish the good luck for the new journey of Tech-Long!