As shown in the recently released List of 2018 National Model Enterprises and Dominant Enterprises of Intellectual Property by the State Intellectual Property Office, Tech-Long has been rated as a National Model Enterprise of Intellectual Property for its remarkable performance in intellectual property. This is another major honor won by Tech-Long in intellectual property management since it was awarded as a National Dominant Enterprise of Intellectual Property in 2015.

It is understood that National Model Enterprise of Intellectual Property is the highest honor awarded by the state to outstanding enterprises in intellectual property. Enterprises may apply for the honor on a voluntarily basis, and then the intellectual property bureaus of respective provinces make recommendations according to a merit-based system. In accordance with the requirements as set forth in the Work Plan of Cultivating National Model Enterprises of Intellectual Property, the State Intellectual Property Office will subsequently arrange for the applicants to attend the review defense in Beijing. As revealed by the review, 234 enterprises nationwide have been incorporated into the list, 27 of which are from Guangdong Province. Only 3 Guangzhou-based applicants have been included into the list.

As one of Guangdong’s first patent pilot enterprises and a National Dominant Enterprise of Intellectual Property, Tech-Long has always been focused on the research and development of liquid product packaging equipment and industrial robot equipment. Insisting on independent innovation and centering on technical innovation and market expansion, Tech-Long has been optimizing its domestic and international patent and trademark layout, and comprehensively enhanced its capacities in strategic management, creation, operation and right protection of intellectual property. Thus far, Tech-Long has applied for 859 patents, including 346 inventions; obtained 19 domestic trademarks and 25 international trademarks; and participated in the formulation of 33 product standards, including 16 national standards. In terms of number of national standards formulated or number of patented inventions awarded, Tech-Long has taken the lead among its domestic peers.

This honor of National Model Enterprise of Intellectual Property is a sign of high recognition from the state on Tech-Long’s intellectual property efforts. Tech-Long will continue to insist on independent innovation, increase research and development investments, and improve innovation incentive mechanism. Continuous efforts will be made to implement an all-round intellectual property strategy integrating patents, trademarks and copyrights, advance whole-process management of intellectual property, and penetrate intellectual property in such business processes as research and development, procurement, marketing and sales. Superior proprietary products will be developed to give full play to the active role of intellectual property in the promotion of corporate expansion, market competition and industry progress.