In accordance with the announcement on the “Winner List of the 18th China Patent Awards” published on the website of State Intellectual Property Office, Tech-Long was granted the China Patent Recognition Award due to its patent titled “an anti- rotating device for inner distributor spindle,” (Patent No.: 201310356393.5), which is the fourth time for our company to win thishonor.

China Patent Award is jointly organized and held by State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C. and World Intellectual Property Organization. It is the ultimate accolade in the realm of intellectual property in our country. The patent of “an antirotating device for inner distributor spindle” that won the award was developed independently by Yang Huiguang, Fan Hengyi and Zhang Congmin from the Filling Machinery Section of our company. Through structural innovation, they have developed an anti-rotating device that can not only prevent inner distributor spindle from swigging but reduce its abrasion so that relevant filling production becomes more efficient and the products produced accordingly are of better quality. In addition, better quality of the products also decreases the replacement rate of relevant components, making it possible to save a lot of manpower and time.

As of the end of 2016, our company has been granted 1 Guangzhou Municipal Patent Recognition Award of Excellence, 1 Guangdong Provincial Patent Gold Award and 4 China Patent Recognition Awards. This is the third consecutive time for our company to win China Patent Recognition Award. In August 2016, our company ranked 76 on the list of China Top 100 Patent Inventors. This achievement manifests that Tech-Long not only possesses strong capacity of technological innovation but attaches great importance to intellectual property and its protection.