Munich International Technology Trade Fair for Beverage and Liquid Food Industry (Drinktec) heldonce every four years was held from September 16 to 21, 2013 in the New International Exhibition Center in Munich, Germany, attracting attention of millions of people. 66,886 visitors from 183 countries and areas experienced Drinktec 2013, a brand expo honoredas the “Olympics of Technology in Beverage and Liquid Food Industry”. During the 5-day exhibition activities, 1,445 exhibiting companies from 77 countries in the world displayed theirlatest products and solutions, covering the whole process chain: processing + filling + packaging +marketing. Compared with the last fair, the number of participants was increased by 14%. Among the visitors, there were 1,170 Japanese (doubled),1,779 Americans (increased by 16%), 1,423 Chinese (increased by 45%), 586 Thais, 4,418 Italians, 2,095 Russians, and 1,930 Swiss. Over 90% of exhibiting companies and visitors made positive feedbacks on the industry and the fair. The data strongly indicates the potential market space for liquid food packaging. Launch of the brilliant new product On September 16, 2013, “Drinktec 2013” was opened grandly. The fair was shined by many brands and their star products in the industry. Tech-Long rivaled with domestic and foreign peers with a gorgeous appearance on the largest site among Chinese exhibiting brands. From abundant brand images to fruitful technical and design innovations, Tech-Long showed its leading role in the liquid packaging industry in China. Its “Ultra Clean Volumetric Filling” BFC blowing-filling-capping) Combi-block, in particular,took the lead and became a beautiful scenery at this fair due to its excellent technology and design as well as its forward-looking concept. It successfully demonstrated the charm of Tech-Long to the world. The “Ultra Clean Volumetric Filling” BFC Combiblock adopts the customer-oriented research and development method and introduces more customer requirements and standards into the design concept. It is the most advanced technologically in the industry. Moreover, it is more professional and user-friendly in its practical operation. It is known that the capacity of this equipment is up to 40,000 bottles per hour. The Blow Molding Machine is based on the model RJM20, equipped with high-pressure air recovery system, optimized light box and temperature control system, and bottle preform electrostatic dust collector. The filling machine uses the non contact flow meter-based volumetric filling technology and is improved greatly around the concepts of “safety”, “health”, “environmental protection”, “easy maintenance”, etc. New pattern based on profound strategies Just like a super carnival, Tech-Long’s booth attracted visitors from all over the world,especially higher management from international famous enterprises such as P&G, Nestle and Coca Cola for a further understanding of Tech-Long. In the exhibition room of Tech-Long, the grayish yellow design was in conformity with the color of the enterprise. The logo on the booth fully in English spread a strong international sense. Wonderful advertising and demonstration activities, including the loop playback of the product advertising videos, and the switch to the actual scene of equipment operation in customers’ factories, conveyed Tech-Long’s responsibilities, quality and outlook to customers. Products were the most attractive in the exhibition area. By the on-site machine test,it succeeded in demonstrating its excellent design performance to the customers for the first time. The practicability, operability and comprehensiveness of the new product were highly praised by international customers and agents. The attendance of the international agents of Tech-Long is another highlight of Tech-Long Booth. The active participation of the international agents reflects the deep development of Tech-Long’s localization. Tech-Long is setting up its overall service channels, improving its servie efficiency and quality.Tech-Long focuses on future,it strengthenes our confidence to build a gobal express supply system. With Tech-Long’s characteristics, the elaborately designed brand booth fulfilled its mission to fully embody the brand essence of Tech-Long,“running for you”. Aiming at providing carefree product purchase for customers, it has stepped forward much more confidently in the globalmarket with extreme strategic significant. We believe that the future world pattern of packagingmachinery will much more splendid due to this. New glories resulting in visible prosperity On “Drinktec 2013” full of superior rivals, Tech-Long exhibited not only its multiple high-level technical products, but also the industrial innovative concepts arising from its products’ advanced design and technology. Yet, all these are only a small part of Tech-Long’s innovative science and technology. From the BFC Combiblock promoted in 2008, to the world leading 5-Gallon super-clean technology, to the debut of the “Ultra Clean Volumetric Filling” BFC Combiblock on Drinktec, Tech-Long has always led the innovation tendency in the liquid packaging industry with its leading innovative technology. Itis the inexhaustible innovation drive that makes Tech-Long the leading enterprise in the liquid packaging industry in China as well as the leader of the technology and design innovation in thisfield and the high-end market. Tech-Long is now promoting the progress and upgrading of theliquid packaging industry in China. “What we are selling is not only a solution, but also a dream. We dream of bringing about the most convenience and the best efficiency for our customers so as to truly improve existing defects.” Tech-Long’s outstanding performance on this fair is a perfect interpretation of this concept. As a top brand with a good reputation in China and a long history, Tech-long has been innovating its technology and design. In the future, in addition to determined innovations and steady development, Tech-Long will stick to “create excellent products and build a value brand based on cutting-edge technology” so as to realize more powerful and far-reaching development.