Recently, high-profile CHINAPLAS 2015 was successfully held in Pazhou Convention Center of Guangzhou. More than 3200 exhibitors from 40 countries and regions participated in this event. The exhibition area and the number of exhibitors both broke the record. During the fourday exhibition activities, all exhibitors displayed their latest products and solutions, and solution themes are mainly machinery and instruments zone, chemical industry and raw material zone, and Chinese export commodities zone; industries of applications cover LED lighting industry, packaging, electronic information and electrical appliances, chemical and raw materials, machinery manufacturing, construction, mould, automobile, daily use chemical products, food and beverage, rubber and plastic products/processing, medical and other industries.

The effect of this exhibition was effective; both exhibitors and spectators sang high praise of this event. A total of 128 264 spectators came to the site. The concurrent activities were very popular with the audience, which indicated that the organizers mastered the market pulse. “Innovation, automation and environmental-friendly technology” will still be the concern of the industry.

The growing popularity of Tech-Long’s new products

As China’s leading manufacturer of the high-end liquid packaging machinery, Tech-Long carried a number of latest products to CHINAPLAS 2015, and its R21 booth is in Hall 9.1 R21 and J21 booth is in Hall 11.1. During the exhibition, people crowded Tech-Long’s booth and formed an endless stream. Tech-Long’s glow as an industrial leader was manifested. At the R21 booth in Hall 9, Tech-Long displayed the latest blow molding machine—5th generations of blow molding machine, which attracted the attention of many guests; this equipment is the latest products of Tech-Long. It has the innovative design concept and high-speed and stable bottle blowing performance as well as excellence in bottle blowing efficiency and reducing energy consumption. On the site, through the patient explanation and real and rich field operation show by the staff, the device won the praise from all over the world and visitors are deeply impressed by Tech-Long.

Reveal the strength and hole the signing ceremony on the spot

Tech-Long’s careful preparation, heave-weighted thrust and wonderful appearance made it a shining star on CHINAPLAS 2015. During the exhibition, Tech-Long held a signing ceremony with Able Perfect Sdn. Bhd. of Malaysia and SIAM SONIC CO., Ltd. of Thailand respectively at the scene. Tech-Long’s cooperation with Able Perfect Sdn. Bhd. was a cooking oil whole line of production equipment. The filling machine used in the production line is the first mass flow-meter equipment developed by Tech-Long. The flow-meter quantitative filling packaging is highly precise, free of maintenance and widely compatible. Meanwhile, a new filling valve design minimized splashing and dripping.

For Tech-Long, the high-end technology and super strength embodied in this exhibition is just the tip of the iceberg. Being loyal to the commitment to quality, service and innovation, Tech-Long will always adhere to the enterprise idea of “turn for you”, center around the dream of “time-honored brand”, focus on customer needs and bring more value for customers with practical solutions, excellent and high-end technology, perfect and fast services.

Tech-Long has been always doing ahead, never ceased its pace; in the future, it will continue to make breakthroughs.