The non-returnable PET large bottle with a capacity of 2.5L to 20L is getting a widely popularity among consumers thanks to its obvious benefits such as high-level-of-hygiene, easy-to-carry, convenient-to-drink and etc. Though it sounds like almost the same when it comes to the PET water filling in small bottles or large bottles, they actually need quite different considerations in regard to, for example, how to prevent bottle swollen during filling? How to handle the bottle with carrying-handle? what we can do to simplify the machine structure and get it more stable in case where more than one bottle is used on the same machine through base handling? Non-contact filling of Tech-Long large bottle filling machine as well as having no product recirculation ensure that product contamination can be perfectly prevented; highly precise fillaccuracy can be achieved either by weight filling or by level metering regardless of the shape of the bottle to be filled; ultraclean filling valve; hygienic product flow channel; diaphragm sealsinstead of dynamic seals are used to ensure long service life; higher filling speed through filling at two speeds; quick-change handling parts are adopted.
Filling Method Weight Filling Level Sensing
Applicable Bottle Type PET PET
Technical Features Accurate fill quantity control with load cell High level of hygiene via non-contact filling Optimal flow path, hygienic and easy to clean Able to collect weight result of each filled bottle Fast recipe change Accurate fill level control with exterior level sensor High level of hygiene via non-contact filling Optimal flow path, hygienic and easy to clean Fill accuracy can be easily ensured irrespective of the shape of the bottle to be filled.
How to Choose? Weight as a measuring standardStable bottle performance and same bottle weight required after filling Level as a measuring standardAccurate fill level is required with big deviation of bottle shape.
Capacity 18,000 bottles per hour (5L) 18,000 bottles per hour (5L)