Water is not water. It is a multifaceted product: natural spring water, purified water, carbonated water, flavored water… What process can be used to prevent bromate formation? How to deploy mechanical filling valves to keep water crystal clear and contaminant free? How to achieve the maximum benefit with speed, accuracy and light weight bottles?

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Filling Method Mechanical Valve Filling Flow Meter Filling
Appliable Bottle Type PET/Glass PET
Technical Features Different length of vent tubes to control fill level
Sanitary design
Filling with reflux or filling without reflux
Light weight bottle handling
Accurate fill level control
Non-contact filling, more hygienic
Automatic CIP with dummy bottles
Optimal flow path in filling valves to ensure the complete CIP
Flow meter selection based on water conductivity
Faster filling speed
More adaptable for light weight bottle
Fast recipe change
Easy maintenance
How to Choose? Low capex and low operating cost More hygienic filling
Accurate filling
Automatic CIP dummy bottles
Capacity 80,000 bottles per hour 100,000 bottles per hour