When you are looking for a filling system—It is applicable for high acid beverage & heat sensitivebeverage. It can fill the products in Grade 100 environment. It has the option of mechanical valvefilling or flow meter filling. It has high filling speed and less residual. Tech-Long warm filling technology is definitely your best choice. Ultra Hygienic warm filling is the combination of aseptic filling technology and hot filling technology. It applies the sterilization process of aseptic filling and has the features of reflux in hot filling technology.Main features: 1.reduce the filling temperature, reduce energy consumption; 2. reduce the cost of packaging material; 3. preserve the flavor and texture; 4. prevent bottle expansion during hot filling.  
Filling Method Mechanical Valve Filling Flow Meter Filling
Applicable Bottle Type PET PET
Technical Features Different length of air vent tubes to control fill level Hygienic design Filling without reflux, automatic CIP available Low capex Accurate fill level control Non-contact filling, more hygienic Automatic or manual CIP dummy bottle Optimal flow path in filling valves to ensure the utterly CIP Fast recipe change
How to Choose? Fruit juice and vegetable juice without pulps Low capex and operating cost Fill level as a measuring standard Products with short shelf life or with few food grade additives More hygiene requirements Volumetric filling Automatic CIP cups Filling volume as a measuring standard Various bottle changeovers Products without any food additives
Capacity 48000 bottles per hour 48000 bottles per hour