In order to get a deep and comprehensive understand of the remote schools, Mr. Zhang Chongming of Tech-long personally took a tour of observation there. The tough conditions shocked him. He could not imagine how could that klunky wall shelter those kids from heat and cold, wind and rain, how could the narrow room keep so many pupils learning in it. Maybe we can only use our imagination to know how the rough kitchen offer the energy to the dream-chasing kids and how that nearly ruined library carry the children’s eager for knowledge. After the tour, an activity of education aid was organized under Mr. Zhang Chongming’s active propose. This activity had got great support from those enterprises such as Guangzhou LongBao Metal Products Co.,Ltd.,Guangzhou Juhang Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd.,UNIQUE Injection Molding System Co.,Ltd., Dongguang Langxin Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd., and individuals like Jenish (Middle East agent) , Luo Guoyun (Huizhou Hua Yun Trading Co.,Ltd.) In order to help the children of the remote mountainous areas to achieve the dream of studying at an early date, they all have extended a helping hand. We here acknowledge for their sincere support.

Light up dreams, set free hopes

The children consciously lined up to wait us handing out school suppliers and sports goods, like school bag,etc. when our love angles got off the cars with boxes of gifts. A brilliant smile flashed when they took the gifts and a warm feeling came to our mind when some of them run up to us with red scarf and put on seriously…

A child specially came and told us that they would not worry about the heavy rain and cold wind when having class since some men had replaced the doors and windows. Then he pointed at our prethoracic heart-shape logo of Tech-Long said, “the clothes those repairing person wore were also attached with this heart-shape Picture”.

Then the teacher showed us the repaired kitchen with excitement and thanks, “The condition of our kitchen was really bad before, there were no table and chair. Everywhere was dark. But now things have changed. We own a new set of kitchen fittings, tables and chairs. The sanitary condition has also been improved.”

Love Never End

Tech-Long, as a good corporate citizen, always holds the concept of giving back to society and practices the idea of public welfare development under the lead of chairman—Mr. Zhang Songming over the years. This is not only a solemn promise to society but also a responsibility that a company should shoulder. Tech-Long will actively promote social progress by its own force.

Love, is a kind of force; Love, is an attitude; Love, is a responsibility. And Love, needs to be passed on. Mr. Zhang Chongming indicates that charity is a no-end love relay. It needs our continuous action. Tech-Long will work with social enterprise unit to aid more than two schools every year in the future. We hereby sincerely invite more caring enterprises and individuals to participate in this work and to be a contributor for promoting society civilization and harmonious development. Join us! Give us your hands and love! Let us play the strongest melody of programs for public services and spread the seeds of love together!