In the spring of 2010, the fertile and beautiful west lost its beauty, the river became dry, the field became deserted and the crops withered up. Five provinces such as Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Sichuan and Chongqing suffered the drought waste in 100 years, which caused serious influence for the life of people. According to the statistics, the stricken population exceeded 50 million, and more than 20 million people were short of drink water……

Guizhou drought affected millions of people, on March 25th, 2010 facing the serious drought, Tech-Long chairman Mr. Zhang Songming immediately organized the drought relief. At the time, Mr. Zheng of regional sales director was visiting customer in Guizhou, therefore, Chairman Zhang instructed him to immediately contact Guizhou Charity Federation to get more information of the most serious area suffering from drought, it is know that the drought in southwest of Guizhou was serious, especially in Zhenfeng County.

Tech-Long decided to immediately purchase mineral water from the biggest drink water producer (Guizhou Beijixiong Industry Co.,Ltd,), and directly delivered to local people.

In this action, Tech-Long donated 42 tons of drink water to Zhenfeng County by 4 trucks from Guizhou Beijixiong Drink Water Produce Base, and reached the designation in 23:00, on the next day, with the help of Zhenfeng County Bureau of Civil Affairs, Tech-Long delivered the drink water to the people of 4 towns, and one truck was to a primary school in Shaping Village.

Be a good enterprise, return to society, it is the social responsibility for the corporation. Since the establishment, Tech-Long has taken an the important part of charity for the enterprise development, and has contributed to environmental protection, city greenery, disaster relief, education poverty alleviation, and support the weak group to construct a brighter future.