Despite the seven-hour trek, the charity team of Tech-Long was enthusiastic to carry out the donation activities. Under the leadership of Mr. Zhang Chongming, the members of the charity team arrived at Dali primary school and Luona primary school in Dongshan Town, mile City, Yunnan Province. Both Dali primary school and Luona primary school are located in the mountains, where the roads are rugged, and the information is blocked.

Almost all the students in Dali primary school live in dormitories. However, because of the high location of the school, there is no running water. What they use is the rainwater collected and stored in three water cellars. What is worse, there is no water heater for bathing in the school, which means teachers and students need to boil water for bathing.

In Luona primary school, all the students only can have a meal on the playground because there is no canteen in the school. Dining outside brings inconvenience to students. Especially in the hot summer, the playground is roasted by the scorching sun in the daytime, and the temperature rises sharply. Dining outside exerts an enormous threat to students’ health.

After learning the poor conditions of these two schools, Tech-Long knows that it is time to give back to society and organized a charity team to assist them. The charity team of Tech-Long built shower rooms for Dali primary school and improved the shower environment for Luona primary school in time. It is exciting to learn that this winter, children, and teachers at Dali primary school no longer have to boil water to take a bath in such cold weather. As for Luona primary school, after knowing the difficulties of the school, the charity team of Tech-Long immediately arranged for personnel to build steel scaffolding and a dining hall so that students can have a comfortable place for dinner at school.

In addition to improving the shower environment and setting up a canteen for the school, Tech-Long also donated a series of necessities such as quilt covers, mattresses, lunch boxes, milk, laundry liquid, and educational books. Tech-Long is doing its best to improve the learning and living environment of the students and brought warmth in winter for the children in backward mountainous areas.

Corporate social responsibility refers to the obligation of maintaining and promoting social interests in addition to seeking the maximization of the rights and interests of owners or shareholders. Although the economy of our country has made positive progress, there are still many people in remote areas suffering from hunger and cold. To improve the living condition of them, it needs the efforts of the government. Meanwhile, it also requires the enterprises to take the corporate social responsibilities to share the worries for the country and participate in the social poverty alleviation.

Tech-Long actively undertakes corporate social responsibility, not only winning an excellent social reputation but also enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises. Over the years, the charity team of Tech-Long has given hands to schools in remote and poor areas many times, continuously bringing hope to the students.

Tech-Long has taken corporate social responsibility as one of the essential tasks because many consumers have gradually recognized it in recent years. Tech-Long will continue to promote the healthy growth of children and strive to create a better future!