After sales service of Tech-Long:

Quality first, and customer first, continuously provides on-time and comprehensive after sales service for all customers.

After Sales Service
1.The guarantee of the materials delivered by Tech-Long is of 12 months from date of acceptance, one 12 hour shift per day against defect in material or workmanship, when operated, serviced and maintained in accordance with Tech Long’s maintenance instructions.The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear items and shall be null and void if the equipment has been modified, improperly installed or used, damaged by accident or neglect, or in the event any parts are improperly installed or replaced by the user.The following items are excluded from the guarantee: the motors, the electric and pneumatic equipments, material of normal wear and all that we do not manufacture. These will be covered by the Original Manufactures Guarantee, the parts are sent back to Tech Long for the Supplier to Evaluate, the replacements will then be sent by Tech Long.This warranty is limited to the replacement of the defective part(s) and the travel time and labor to do so.
Beyond our period of warranty, we can provide paid spare parts and maintenance/ service.
With a service contract with Tech-Long, we can guarantee response time within 48 hours and resolution at the customer site within 72 hours of problem being reported.
Tech-Long engineers or approved sub-contractors, under direction from a Tech-Long Project Manager, perform the installation and commissioning to all Tech-Long equipment then provide training for customer personnel.
All Tech-Long customers benefit from yearly routine maintenance and technical service by Tech-Long engineers (no charge; to be agreed upon at signing of service contract)
Engineering Service in China

New Project Installation and Service Maintenance
Contact: Ms. Tracy Tang
Direct line: 020-82266919

International Engineering Service

New Project Installation and Service Maintenance
Contact: Ms. Tracy Chen
Direct line: 020-62956886