The cold is still lingering in Guangzhou in spite of the advent of February, in which springtime arrives. Coincidently, the manufacturing industry, even the entire real economy in China, seems damped by the bleak weather in the face of various challenges. At the panel discussion held among Guangzhou NPC representatives, Mr. Zhang Songming from Tech-Long, a leading enterprise in domestic liquid packaging industry, made his voice heard on behalf of the manufacturing industry: we must reconstruct the great foundation of China with advanced manufacturing industry!

Nowadays, the real economy is confronted with harsh conditions. However, “Stick to Manufacturing Industry for a Thriving Guangdong,” the proposition put forth in the work report of Guangdong Province, is undoubtedly a convincing lighthouse for the people in the manufacturing industry of the province. The leading figures in the industry, represented by Mr. Zhang Songming, not only made timely responses to the staunch decision of the government but expressed their own views on the status quo of the present manufacturing industry in China.

The traditional equipment manufacturing industry has been bolstered by the conscientious and earnest real economy in China over the past decades. However, great changes are brought to domestic traditional manufacturing industry with the glide of times, undermining the industry in terms of confidence and morale. Consequently, unfavorable conditions have already taken shape for its development.

Is the manufacturing industry no longer important?

If entrepreneurs all speculate in the industries like real estate and Internet instead of making investment in the manufacturing industry; if young people all indulge themselves in making a fortune overnight instead of finding a job in a factory; if the fast development of some Internet companies make certain people preach the so-called concept of changing the economic pattern by corner overtaking and the public go stray because of the influence of negative public opinions; then how can our goal to rejuvenate China be accomplished?

As the largest financial market across the globe and the place from which the Internet was originated, the U. S. spares no efforts for the return of manufacturing industry. Furthermore, a series of extreme measures, such as dramatic reduction in taxes, punishment to U. S. companies making investment outside America, and duty hikes for imported commodities, etc. have been put forward by its government to help the manufacturers get back to the country.

As a matter of fact, the manufacturing industry plays a significant role for the development of China’s economy considering the number of manufacturing companies, the number of employees in the industry and the percentage it accounts for in the country’s GDP. China will thrive if its manufacturing industry gets prosperous. As the largest manufacturing market in the world, China will definitely be the country featuring the greatest consumption potential inthe future, so the manufacturing industry is the foundation of China’s economy.

The China market still longs for more quality products that produced according to strict standards. The majority of lean manufacturing companies are still in the course of development. China still has a long way to cover in order to strengthen itself via a thriving manufacturing industry. According to the analysis made from the perspective of China’s economic capacity, China will achieve its goal to become a powerful country if China’s manufacturers all evolve into Foxconn, Huawei and Gree. “China needs more companies like Foxconn, Huawei and Gree or more relatively small giant companies or leading enterprises that are rarely known to the public,” according to Mr. Zhang Songming.

Undoubtedly, manufacturing companies are more qualified to become China’s core strength. The manufacturing industry and the quality products it presents are the underlying foundation that bolsters the development of the Internet economy. The manufacturing industry and its hard-working spirit are the cradle of skilled innovative talents that continuously get into the society. Hence, it is they that bring the people real value and constant innovations. Indeed, the country and society need advanced manufacturers that are for sure vigorous, creative and innovative.

“ It is time to rediscover value of the manufacturing industry!”

—Guangzhou Tech-Long Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. Zhang Songming