Dear coworkers and friends,

Happy New Year! I am delighted to have you here today to celebrate the 2017 Spring Festival!

A new year is unfolding as the previous year passes. After bidding farewell to the challenging and arduous 2016, we are now ushering into the exciting 2017. Spring is here, bringing us the strength and vision of hope and driving us forward on the path of Secondary Development! As we ring out the Old Year and ring in the New Year, I would like to extend, on behalf of the management of Tech-Long, my cordial greetings to all Tech-Long employees across the country, my heartfelt gratitude to all officials and friends from all walks of life concerned for and supportive of Tech-Long’s business, and my best wishes for the Spring Festival to all of you and your family members!

The newly ended 2016 was a year filled with ups and downs of the international situation, frequent risks of the global market, and grim domestic economic situation. Countless adverse factors brought entities numerous challenges. Upholding the business philosophy of Struggle, Innovation and Development, Tech-Long has advanced technical innovation and optimized management to cope with risks and challenges calmly and maintain an upward momentum. We have comprehensively planned the overall corporate strategy, and defined the strategic measures and goals; the modern enterprise system has been continuously improved, management refined and corporate governance structure optimized; in active exploration of the Belt and Road and Going Global strategies, we have established our presence in about 90 countries and regions across the four continents; devoted ourselves to advancing technical innovation, we have established multiple new technical teams and built an innovative technology incubation platform; actively fulfilling our social responsibility, we have made donations to poverty-stricken schools in Hunan, Guizhou, Guangzhou and Hubei Provinces, benefiting the local rural students and stay-at-home children.

The past year has seen a stable momentum of overall operation, continuous innovations in product technology and steadily enhanced core competitiveness of Tech-Long. Every technical employee at the assembly production line, every workshop supervisor overseeing product quality, and every sales elite rushing about in the market work hard on every ordinary working day, allowing our equipment to be sold across the world, making what we are today, and enabling Tech-Long to lead the Chinese beverage packaging machinery industry! Dream-inspired, innovation-motivated, determined to forge ahead and responsible, they are the most precious asset of Tech-Long, and the driving source and solid foundation for our business activities. Let’s express our highest respect and gratitude to all employees dedicated to Tech-Long selflessly!

The eighteen years of hardships, struggling and development since the incorporation of Tech-Long have well interpreted the growth of private enterprises and national brands from scratch. Devoted, dedicated and hardworking, Tech-Long employees have demonstrated the great transformation from Made in China to Created in China with their practical and innovative actions and achievements, winning the reputation of a tycoon in the Chinese beverage packaging machinery industry.

We can’t predict what changes will take place in the future, but the best thing we can do about the future is to get involved. Fortunately, we share the same ambition. As long as we are prepared for danger in times of peace, overcome difficulties and keep improving to make continuous breakthroughs, we can surely create a better future and lead a glorious life!

One will be more determined after going through hardships; there is a long way to go after the initial challenges. The future has arrived. The year of 2017 is destined to be an exciting year. Let’s join hands to work hard and forge ahead in the new journey, seize opportunities, rise to the challenges and live up to the honors, and strive to make better achievements for the 20th anniversary of Tech-Long’s establishment!

I will you all good health, success and progress in your work, and a happy family in the new year!

Zhang Chongming, Executive Vice General Manager

Guangzhou Tech-Long Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

January 18, 2017