On the morning of June 16, 2017, survey group of Cuba Ministry of Industry visited Tech-Long,accompanied by leaders of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’sRepublic of China and Industry and Information Technology Commissi on of Guangzhou Municipality. Mr. Zhang Chongming, the person in charge of the company, and other seniormanagement made the reception. Director Li Jingming welcomed the guests and explained Tech-Long’s intelligent equipment, current America’s customers and development plan in this area. Edithmar Saavedra Jeruso, the Director of Industrial Development Division of Cuba Ministry of Industry and others visited Tech-Long’s Inspection Center, Mechanical Processing Center, Blowing and Fi l l ing Workshop, Secondary Packaging Workshop and Industrial Robot Assembly. At the same time, they learned Tech-Long’s achievements and experience in liquid packaging industry and industrial robot.
Then Edithmar Saavedra Jeruso had lunch with Mr. Zhang Chongming, during which he introduced development and investment environment of related industries in Cuba and invited Tech-Long to pay a visit. As the leader in liquid packaging equipment industry, Tech-Long follows China’s “Belt and Road” Initiative and the “Going out” Strategysteadily and develops international market. Cuba is an emerging developing country with cane sugar as its important industry. Tech-Long would like to bring advanced equipment and experience to Cuba to contribute to development of the countr y and Sino-Cuba friendship.