On May 12, 2018, Tech-Long received the accreditation certificate of Informatization and Industrialization Integrated Management System (numbered CSAIII-00318IIIMS00442701) from CEPREI and Guangzhou CEPREI Certification Center Services Limited. It marks the phased achievement made in Tech-Long’s development of informatization and industrialization integrated management system in accordance with GB/T-23001-2017 (Requirements for Informatization and Industrialization Integrated Management System).

Informatization and Industrialization Integration

As an important measure to be implemented by the state over a long period of time, the informatization and industrialization integration refers to a long-term sustainable development path of driving industrialization with informatization and promoting informatization with industrialization. As China’s leader in liquid product packaging, Tech-Long has been upholding a business development philosophy basically consistent with the informatization and industrialization integration philosophy.

As pointed out in China’s Made in China 2025 released in 2015, the manufacturing industry is a core of national economy and a foundation of China’s technical innovation and international competitiveness. The packaging equipment industry is a key industry vital to the people’s livelihood. Tech-Long has been actively exploring the integration of new generation information technology and packaging industry at the forefront of the industry. For instance, Tech-Long has successfully developed the SCADA-based data collection and management system with the help of Internet and sensor technology for key packaging equipment—bottle blowing machines and filling machines, which makes equipment management more transparent and visual; a remote operational maintenance system has been established to realize remote monitoring, fault warning, maintenance and repair, parts management and other personalized services based on advanced big data and AI technologies, greatly enhancing the equipment management level of downstream customers; in terms of research and development and production management, we have optimized and upgraded the SAP and ERP systems, and are planning to implement the MES, CRM, SRM and PLM systems to build the data flow involving the whole product life cycle of order placement, research and development, production, after-sales and scrapping. Big data has been used to analyze product features at different stages, and business management level has been continuously improved to reduce management costs and enhance operational efficiency. Tech-Long’s certification according to the Informatization and Industrialization Integrated Management System is not an ending point, but a new starting point for future development. In the next few years, Tech-Long will continue to invest in research and development, achieve an in-depth integration of informatization and industrialization, and do its bit to the building of bigger domestic packaging equipment industry with core proprietary competitiveness.