In late November 2016, Tech-Long’s first external liquid level measurement based dosing filling machine was tested qualified by internal acceptance inspection and customer acceptance inspection and shipped out of the factory. The dosing filling mode of this filling machine is specially designed for glass bottles. The liquid level sensor installed on the two external sides of the glass bottle detects the liquid level filled in the bottle. When the liquid level filled in the bottle reaches the target liquid level, the sensor will be triggered to close the valve and stop filling.

In comparison with the traditional negative micro-pressure filling mode, this dosing filling mode has five strengths in performance:
1.Higher precision
2.More stable liquid level
3.Better control of liquid level regulation
4.Better energy saving and cleanliness
5.Wider applications

Apart from strengths in mechanical performance, the new filling mode can build a clearer image of the customer in the minds of consumers:

Compared to other electronic dosing filling modes (provided by flowmeter or weighing), this dosing filling mode can produce more visually pleasant products. Due to the relatively huge differences in internal capacity resulting from great dimensional differences of glass bottles, products of the same volume or weight filled into the glass bottle will give rise to varying liquid level heights. This problem will give the consumers a misunderstanding of inferior products or short weight, and thus affect product sales. Unable to be solved by electronic dosing filling in glass bottle filling, this problem is often remedied by label covering.

Products produced by external liquid level measurement based dosing filling machines can have a basically consistent liquid level, and thus build a better reputation of the products among the consumers. This is also the significance of our tenet of “rotating for you.”