Recently China Patent Technology Development Company released the Ranking List of Chinese Enterprise Patent Awards. The Ranking List is based on the 1st to the 17th winners of China Gold Award for Enterprise Patent, China Excellence Award for Enterprise Patent, China Gold Award for Design Patent, and China Excellence Award for Design Patent included into the Patent Value Quantitative Evaluation System. Designed to measure the contribution of Chinese enterprises’ research and development to technical innovation, it is an important evaluation symbol of patent quality and technical innovation level of enterprises. The Chinese Patent Awards have played a significant leading, demonstrating and guiding role in arousing the enthusiasm for innovation, enhancing the independent innovation capacity and improving the core competitiveness of enterprises.

As indicated in the List, Tech-Long has made its way into the list with three invention patents—“An air circulation system for heating of bottle preforms,” “A kind of soy source filling machine,” and “A kind of transmission mechanism for star wheels and its assembly methods.” On the path of innovation and technical research and development, Tech-Long has continuously surpassed itself and made explorations. Attaching great importance to intellectual property and development, we have applied for about 700 patents by far. Beneath every product innovation is Tech-Long’s persistence in technical research and development, keen insight into market trends and aspiration to enjoy an international reputation. As a National High-tech Enterprise and China’s leading packaging enterprise, Tech-Long has built a National Enterprise Technical Center, and become an equipment manufacturer capable of independently machining products compliant with military and shipbuilding standards.

According to analysis, winners are mostly enterprises strong in technical research and development, fruitful in intellectual property protection and utilization, influential and well-known in the industry. These enterprises have a high level of patent innovation and design, a great technical influence, and remarkable economic and social benefits. Always paying much attention to technical innovation, research and development investment, and intellectual property protection, Tech-Long has now won the high recognition of the competent authority, which has served as the technical support for Tech-Long to lead the industrial development trends.