The 8th China International Beverage Industry Exhibition on Science & Technology (CBST) 2017 came to an end on November 24. The fair brought unlimited breathtaking experiences for the visitors within a limited time.

At the exhibition, Tech-Long provided customers with PLM digital management systems designed to advance in-depth integration of informatization and manufacturing, and enhance controllability of production processes and facilitate rational scheduling.

Tech-Long staff members shared new experience combining new technology with manufacturing to give customers a better understanding of our intelligent manufacturing solutions. The PLM videos played in a continuous loop on the big screen drew the attention of many prospective buyers.

Our uniquely designed booth was highly praised for its remarkable appeal. Individualized and user-friendly, the booth was a perfect reflection of Tech-Long’s philosophy of Service Foremost. The extremely cozy rest area was designed from the perspective of users, winning critical acclaim from the visitors. We would like to extend our gratitude to all visitors sharing intelligence and future with Tech-Long. Let’s look forward to our next get-together.