Tech-Long has always attached great importance to the development and expansion in the market in India, the second largest developing country in the world and one of our biggest overseas markets.

For the 2018 India Beverage Technology Expo, we has particularly exhibited the brand new CPX4, the 5th generation rotating blowing-filling-capping machine, which is specifically designed for the low-speed output in the India market with a maximum output of 9600BPH(500ml bottle), thus building up the momentum for the India market.

During the exposition, though it’s hot in Bombay, the exhibition hall was dusty and the sponsor offered only two days for preparation, our engineers made full use of every second and worked three nights long to finish the preparation. On the kickoff day, Tech-Long’s equipment was started successfully, attracting a great number of visitors.

As the only participant with blowing-filling-capping machines in hand, Tech-Long attracted one batch of visitors after another, who raised their thumbs to show their praise to our machines. We felt proud of Tech-Long and cheered for equipment made in China.

On the client appreciation meeting held in the Westin Hotel in Bombay on the night of Oct. 24, Tech-Long invited all clients, suppliers and industrial friends it had developed in the past decade to discuss together on the revolution and future trend of the beverage market in India, where cooperation intentions were reached with quite a number of clients. Hearing that Tech-Long planned to set up an equipment manufacturing plant in India, all clients were exited, responding with thunderous applause. We hold high expectation to the Indian market and would put all-out efforts, which has greatly strengthened their trust on Tech-Long and made them confident about the future of the liquid package industry in India.

From Oct. 24 to 26, 2018, a school of ambitious people gathered together because of Tech-Long,composing a brilliant prelude to for the future of India.

Thank everyone we have met here. You will contribute to a bright future!