The design and arrangement of the hall Tech-long adopted a special construction for the brand booth. As a large machine hall, most of the booths in No. 6.1 hall were constructed unified, and the overall tone was reddish black. Tech-Long’s special construction was very obvious, and the collocation of yellow and white expressed a simple but a general style. Excepting the display of the equipment and video introductions, we particularly designed the showing shelves for the products, and this not only showed our enterprise’s strength, but also let the customers directly understand the products. “Government provides support and services to enterprises” Liu Jianjun, deputy secretary general of Canton Fair and vice director of China Foreign Trade Center, indicates that the growth of economy commonly slowed down since the first half year of 2012,whether the developed economies including Europe, the U.S., Japan etc, or the emerging economies as the BRICS. The downside risks of the global economy apparently increased, and China is facing the rising imported inflation pressures, and the situation of Chinese enterprises worsen when facing the weak exported markets. The world economy still trend downward, therefore, the foreign trade situation will be severe in the next months. The government attaches great importance and strengthens the support of foreign trade. By mid September, the State Council passed the document of Several Opinions on Promoting the Steady Growth of Foreign Trade. The supportive policies are regarded as the “State of eight on Foreign Trade”, which include accelerates progress of export tax rebate and increases eligible export enterprises loans etc. Liu Jianjun indicates that all the policies made by the State Council before Canton Fair actually provides advantages for export of Chinese enterprises to enhance international competitiveness.Enterprises should make use of these policies to improve selfcompetitiveness. From the macro perspective, the weak export situations only rely on the state policies cannot change essentially. By transformation and upgrading and exploring diversified market, the enterprises can achieve long-term existing and development. Optimistic situation of exhibition business In recent years, by the effect of the global financial crisis, the export environment is not optimistic. However, Tech-Long actively adopts solutions and overcomes difficulties, the export gradually shows warm situation and the export situation is relatively optimistic in the first half of this year. The purchasers visited this Canton Fair are mainly from India, Africa, and Middle East countries, a few of them are from South America, Russia, Italia, French and other countries. By the effect of the special brand booth, the obvious position, abroad purchasers visited Tech-Long booth apparently increase compared to the last fair. Leaders at all levels encourage Tech-Long to face difficulties, and reach new heights In the morning of October 16, Chairman Mr. Suzhijia and other members of Guangzhou People’s Political Consultative Committee paid a visit to the booth of Tech-Long Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. They fully affirmed our enterprise’s practices of achieving self-owned brand of Guangdong province and emphasizing independent innovation, and they also encouraged our enterprise to make persistent efforts and strive for achieving breakthrough of export growth under the decline in exports. At the same day, with the accompany of Jiang Yaoping, vice director of Canton Fair and deputy minister of commerce, , Zhao Yufang, deputy governor of Guangdong province, Chen Jianhua, vice director of Canton Fair and mayor of Guangzhou, Qiu Hong, assistant of minister of commerce, and other leaders, Chinese Commerce Minister Chen Deming visited the booth of Tech-Long, Chairman Zhang Songming of Tech-Long introduced the production, export and other relative situations. Minister Chen Deming encouraged Tech-Long to grasp the opportunity of steady growth policy by the government, further strengthen independent innovation and exploration of the emerging markets, make high quality products and brands, fully take advantage of Canton Fair as the platform to sign contracts with customers, and achieve long-term and steady growth of export. At this Canton Fair, Tech-Long exhibited in the large machine hall with a good image gained wide public attention. With the support of the government and concerted effort of company staff, Tech-Long Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. will reach out to the world with the platform of Canton Fair.