Oil products include edible oil and industrial oil, like peanut oil, palm oil, blended oil, and lubricating oil etc. Oil products have a very rigorous requirement on filling accuracy and hygiene. Meanwhile it is easy to volatize and absorb on the surface of equipment, which will result in dripping. With years of experience in oil filling, Tech-Long not only mastered the key technology, but alsoimproved machine designs to address specific product features. Tech-Long offers oil filling solutions that are accurate, hygienic and no residual.
Filling Method Weigh Filling Mass Flow Meter Filling
Applicable Bottle Type PET/Glass/HDPE/PE Bottle/Can PET/Glass/HDPE Bottle
Technical Features Weighing instrument to control filling accuracy, free of filling volume limits; Suck back function on filing valve to avoid dripping Fast recipe change Positive pressure or gravity filling Automatic or manual CIP dummy bottle Accurate fill level control Maintenance free flow meters Automatic CIP dummy bottle Optimal flow path in filling valves to ensure the complete CIP Faster filling speed Fast recipe change Easy maintenance
How to Choose? Large container size Process different bottles in one machine(small size container) High efficiency requirement
Capacity 36000 bottles per hour 36000 bottles per hour