June is a month for children, who are frequently called the sunshine and hope of a nation. For most people, childhood is the best memory in life.

However, it is a pity that not all children have a happy childhood. Some children do not have a kind father or mother, or have lost both them. They don’t have a chance to receive proper education, which is extremely important for their future.

To help children back to school, the Sales Division of Tech-Long initiated a “Donation to the Hope Project” in December 2006. Many employees of Tech-Long participated in this event.

The sum of donation was enough for paying all the tuition for primary school of two children, one is named Deng Man Man, and the other is Chen Yin. After the donation was sent to the two children, employees in Sales Division kept contact with them. They paid attention on the children’s daily life and their performance in school, and established good relationship with the children. Wan Chengwen, the manager of the Import and Export Division, sent a full set of Record of a Journey to the West to the children, after hearing that they did not have books to read.

In the spring of 2007, we received two precious gifts. One was the letter from Deng Man Man and the step-father. The other was a postcard sent by Chen Yin. Through telephone and talking with teachers, we were happy to know that Chen Yin, who was depressed before, lived a happy life now and achieved high score in the math test in this semester. Deng Man Man, had said in her letter that she would work hard and not let the uncles and aunties that had helped her down. The step-father of Deng Man Man thanked Tech-Long employees and commented that he would do his best to let Deng finish her education, no matter how hard it would be. Before June the first, the Children’s Day, we sent schoolbags, stationeries, pictures, and other gifts to the children. On hearing the Chen likes drawing, we sent him a full set of picture books and paint brushes. In fact, we have taken it our responsibility to help the two children. In the future, we will keep on watching them grow up and share with them happiness and growth.

Cinderella lived a miserable life but finally a happy one after she met the prince. Such a fairy tale can come true as long as there are love and care in the world. Just as expressed in the lyric of a song, that “The world will become a paradise if every body gives a bit of love to the others.” We will keep this love forever and help children to live a healthy and happy life.