To people living in the cities, a cup of clean water is never out of reach; but to some 10 million peasants residing in the arid regions in Northwest China, having a sip of clean water is merely a dream of luxury.

Northwest China is one of the driest regions in the world. Annual rainfall is only about 300mm while annual evaporation rate is as high as 1,500-2,000mm. Drinking water for human beings and livestock predominantly comes from the little volume of rainwater collected by water cellars, an underground container solely used for such purpose. Due to poverty, most peasants cannot afford to build a water cellar on their own, and therefore water shortage has become a major problem in their daily living.

Persistent drought has made cultivation hardly possible and the hygiene condition extremely poor. To solve the root of this problem, we have to help peasants build rain-saving water cellars, equipping them with accessible drinking water to grow crops and raise livestock on their own.

Water is the basic need to support life and health, while more than a billion people including tens of thousands of children and women are facing the water drinking problem. In some undeveloped remote mountainous areas, water has become a luxury and water shortage has greatly impacted the locals’ daily life.

Facing such situation, a Hong Kong charity Lotus Light Charity Society takes advantage of its resource and actively unite governments of all levels, media, enterprises and people from all sectors of society to organize a charitable activity charity for rainwater cellars in order to build and repair the water cellars for the people living in the arid mountainous areas to relieve the water shortage problem.

Mr. Zhang Chongming, marketing director of TECH-LONG PACKAGING MACHINERY CO.,LTD. contacted the organization shortly after he heard of that. A decision of donating water cellars was eventually made after a full understanding was developed to help building water cellars and relieve water drinking problem.

A drop of water expresses a kindness. In this Tech-Long field full of hope, every Tech-Longee thoroughly understands that one shall never forget the source of benefit and gratitude for it and shall pay back to the society. Mr. Zhang‘s kindness presents his own kind heart and Tech-Long’s strong sense of social responsibility and fair consciousness of public benefit. It is believed that China’s public welfare undertaking will get thriving as a broader participation develops.