Packaging oil on a commercial scale is a huge challenge due to the filling accuracy, dripping, and splashing. To get the job done, the latest technology and experience are required. With these machines, you can save your time and put the efforts in the right direction. Only a suitable working oil machine can regulate the flow of oil in the industry. In this way, the operations could run smoothly.

Using a Tech-Long oil filling machine, you can enjoy many additional benefits to keep your business running smoothly. Following are the advantages of the Tech-Long automatic oil filling machine.


  1. Precision and Accuracy:


With a traditional filling of oil, the quantity of oil present in each bottle fluctuates, which destroys the image of the brand. This can result in a significant loss of your ranking in the market, and your competitor can get an advantage in the competitive landscape. The Tech-Long oil filling machine is highly precise. For instance, for small and large bottles, the average deviation is less than 1 gram and 2 grams, respectively. It ensures consistency in the product, driving huge benefits for your brand. 


  1. Healthier:


The traditional filling can cause a lot of dripping and splashing, making the whole packaging process a mess. The Tech-Long oil filling machine has a double-speed filling valve that eliminates the dripping and splashing at all. The material tank is cleaned through automatic circulation, and enclosed components ensure that the product is not contaminated. All this helps in making the whole process cleaner and healthier for the consumer, which is a big win for your business.


  1. Easy Maintenance:


This automatic oil filling machine optimizes and calibrates the weight on its own. For different height bottles, there is no need to replace the entire bottle components, and the job can be done by readjusting the height, thereby saving a lot of time. Without any disruption to the production, you can shield any filling head. You also get real-time detection of filling accuracy and capping head quality, saving your business from embarrassment, hence sky-rocketing your brand’s reputation. The Tech-Long oil filling machine also incorporates the International Packaging Equipment Organization architectural structure, which gives favorable maintenance conditions.

  1. User Friendly:


The Tech-Long automatic oil filling machine is easy to operate as its control system, and the controlling interface is designed in a way to reduce user efforts. It comes with settings like filming time, index time, and speed pumps. All these settings help in a customizable user experience. With this type of user experience, your business will go places, ultimately increasing your profit.


  1. Versatility:


One of the main benefits of buying a Tech-Long oil filling machine is that it achieves filling and packing for various types of food oils. It can fill both thick and thin oils, incorporating all density and the specific gravity ranges. For a different type of oil, all you have to do is adjust the setting according to your needs, and the machine will perform the task. It will help your business to save capital because you won’t need different machines for every other oil.


  1. Smarter:


The use of the latest technologies has made the Tech-Long filling machine smarter than others. As it uses IPC, so the interface is a lot smarter than the traditional machines. This machine is also capable of storing important data, including single bottle weight and average weight. Not only this, but it will also store standard deviation and export all the data in an excel file for quick review. All of this data is helpful for you in making essential business decisions. You can shape your business strategies and any shortcoming with the help of this data. It will be very fruitful in uplifting your profit.


  1. Resilient:


The Tech-Long oil filling machine is exceptionally resilient as it can work continuously over a long period without any breakdown, provided that you follow its maintenance protocol. It helps to make the process efficient without any undue interruptions making the cash inflow of your business regular.


  1. Profit Maximization:


The ultimate goal of all business activities is to maximize profits and satisfy customers. The Tech-Long oil filling machine serves both of these purposes. All the advantages of the said machine accumulate to give you more money at the end of the day than traditional machines. 

Without the proper oil filling machine, the food oil business can’t make a good profit. Bina Karya Prima, the biggest edible oil retailer in Indonesia has occupied a couple of production lines of edible oil after cooperating with Tech-Long, growing its market share larger and larger. What’s more, RUSAGRO – Russia’s largest vertically integrated agricultural group has made its sunflower seed oil production line more efficient and has won the recognition of clients with Tech-Long automatic oil filling machines.


These machines not only save your money but also keeps your customers happy. Because they can see a proper sense of discipline in filling of oil. If you risk these important things, the chances of loss increase exceptionally, and your business can drain with every passing day. Tech-Long oil filling machine is the only product that is setting standards in the food oil industry making the process easier. Having the capacity to fill up to 36,000 bottles per hour, you can take your business to a whole new level, which will translate into huge profits.